Selected Papers, Presentations and Other Materials from NASSR 1996 and 1997

Selected Papers, Presentations and Other Materials
from NASSR 1996 and 1997

This page features selected papers, presentations, and other materials from the NASSR (North American Sociey for the Study of Romanticism) annual conventions for 1996 and 1997.

"Romanticism" in Crisis
Position Papers from the NASSR '97 Plenary Panel.

Survey of Departmental Attitudes toward Romantic Studies
edited by Susan Wolfson and Bill Galperin

Conference Report and Snapshots from NASSR 96.

NASSR 96 Seminar: "Electronic Texts and Textuality"
Online editions of papers for the NASSR 96 seminar on the practical problems confronting us when we try to adapt information technology to our discipline. Seminar participants come from a wide range of schools and include Julia Flanders (WWProject, Brown U), Ashton Nichols (Dickinson C), Steven Jones (Loyola U Chicago), F. William Ruegg (U of Florida), Ron Broglio (U of Florida) John Anderson (Boston C), Jack Lynch (U of Pennsylvania), and Ronald Tetrault (Dalhousie U). Responses will be presented by Brennan O'Donnell (Loyola C) and Mark Ledden (Emory U). The panel is organized and chaired by Bruce Graver (Providence C).

NASSR 96 Plenary Panel: "Romantic Hybridity: Theoretical Crossings Then and Now"
Online editions of panel papers for the NASSR 96 plenary panel on crossings between contemporary criticism of the Romantics and the paradigms and practices in Romantic texts historically. The panel will be moderated by William Keach (Brown U) with presentations by Stuart Curran (U of Pennsylvania), Theresa Kelley (U of Texas), Jon Klancher (Boston U), and Tilottama Rajan (U of Western Ontario).

For NASSR program copy from annual conventions since its inception in 1993, visit the Romantic Circles conference archive.

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