The Fate of Our Field: The Survey

The Fate of Our Field: The Survey

Responses are grouped by question and presented anonymously.

Question One

What is the census of your current faculty, junior and senior, specializing in Romantic-era literature, 1780-1830?

Question Two

How many apppointments, and at what rank, have you made in the Romantic-era: in the last 5 years? in the last 10 years? in the last 15 years?

Question Three

How often does your department offer courses in Romantic-era? one per semester? once per year? once every two years?

Question Four

Have lines in Romantic-era been lost, or are they in peril of being lost, as new fields (20th c., etc) have emerged?

Question Five

In terms of its curricular offerings, is your department thinking of folding or has it already started to fold Romantic-era into a long 18th c or a long 19th c course?

Question Six

In terms of its job searches, present and recent, is Romantic-era (1780-1830) being divided and/ or folded into long 18th c or a long 19th c positions?

Question Seven

When and under what circumstances would your department anticipate hiring in Romantic/ 1780-1830 again?

Question Eight

If relevant, how many graduate students in your department are writing, or preparing to write, dissertations in Romantic-era subjects/ texts/ writers?