Transcription Conventions

Transcription Conventions In the letters:

  • supplied readings appear in square brackets
  • illegible words are signified by a query in square brackets, with one query representing one word, e.g., signifying two illegible contiguous words:     [ ? ? ]
  • conjectural readings are in square brackets and are preceded by a query, e.g.: [?Barnstaple]
  • notes clarifying lacunae and other matters relating to the physical text are also, I hope not confusingly, given in square brackets where they occur, e.g.: [paper tear]
  • presently, passages in Greek are not reproduced but will be scanned in in the near future
  •  Gifford's spelling, punctuation, and formatting have not been regularized; with the exception of indents, they are transcribed as they appear in the text
  • punctuation has been supplied for the letters of John Murray (see notes to individual letters)

In notes:

  •  * signifies that information in the letter identifies for the first time the author of a Quarterly Review article 
  •  # signifies an article by serial number and is a clickable link which will take you to the article.