William Gifford to Edward Copleston (10/12/1811)

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William Gifford to Edward Coppleston
Oct. 12, 1811
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Devon 1149M/F99. 2pp. Date at top: Oct. 12, 1811


Oct. 12th. 1811

James St.

6 o'clock—

My dear Sir,

I have been waiting with the greatest anxiety for Charlemont,1 as we are absolutely at a stand. Pray have the goodness to send off as much of it as is prepared, without delay, under cover to Mr. Barrow. I greatly fear that a letter of mine has not reached you, as I sent it to the Foreign State Office, where they are sometimes less careful than at the Admiralty.

Charlemont is reviewed, as it is called, in the American Review, which is just come to hand; but very poorly indeed. Pray excuse the brevity of this letter as I have waited to the last moment, in the hope that post or coach would bring me something. Ever, my dear Sir, yours affectionately

Wm. Gifford


Address: To the Rev. Edward Copleston / Exeter

Postmark: 5 penny post "unpaid" stamp