William Gifford to Edward Copleston (2/23/1810)

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William Gifford to Edward Copleston
Feb. 23, 1810
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Devon: no serial number. 2pp. Date: in another ancient hand (Copleston's?) that appears to have been traced over the original: Feb. 23. 1810



My dear Sir

I write to you from a sick couch, to which I have now been confined for several days by a very severe fever. This is the first exercise of my hand; the first exercise of my eyes has been to read your castigation of Squire Coker, which was brought to me this morning; and a very nice castigation it is.1

But the object of my writing is to thank you most cordially for the two Articles, the last of which ^ ie. that on S. Smith arrived on Wednesday.2 I grieve to say that my ill state of health has hitherto prevented my looking it over: however, I have ordered it to be set up in slips, and it shall certainly appear; as it is quite in time—the Rev'd Gent. makes a second entrée in our No. but, in a more dignified character, namely as a moderator between Lord Grenville & Dr. Duigenan.3 

Pray have the goodness to excuse this attempt at a letter, and believe me, my dear Sir, with the truest regard, your

ever obliged & obedt servt

Wm. Gifford.

James St