William Gifford to Edward Copleston (3/18/1811)

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William Gifford to Edward Copleston
Mar. 18, 1811
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Devon 1149M/F87. 4pp. Date at top: March 18, 1811


James St

March 18th. 1811


My dear Sir,

I cannot sufficiently express my thanks for the kind interest which you take in our success; and trust that you will never again apologize for what is really an act of friendship.

With respect to Roscoe,1 I am sorry to say that he is printed off: he has, however, undergone no alteration, though Heber2 wished much to mitigate the criticism on the philosopher's historical labours—There can be no difficulty in conveying the proofs to the writer on any future occasion, if it shall be desired.

Time is, as you say, precious; but I have found more obstacles in this No. than I have yet experienced: not from scarcity; but from the delay of conclusions of Articles, which the commencements have been printed some weeks—This is very cruel. I have not even yet received all that I expect. On the other hand, I have good hope that this will [be] the last irregular No. I think communications drop in more freely; and there is really some prospect of my being able to command hereafter the period of publication.

Elmsley3 I do not know; but I think that if I could get at any acquaintance of his, it might be possible to break what you so justly call an unnatural confederacy. He applied to me this time for the admission of an article on some theological subject, as did Burney4—Unluckily they both wanted immediate admission, which I was utterly unable to promise. A beginning, however, has thus been made—which may, hereafter, by Heber's assistance—or by some common friend's, be improved to our advantage.

I am ever, my dear Sir,

most truly yours

Wm. Gifford.


Remember that you have not told me what you [have] an eye to for our next &c.

Monday morn.


Address: [in another hand:] London. March Eighteenth 1811


To The Rev d. E. Copleston

Oriel Coll.



Geo. Canning


Postmark: Crown. Free 18 Mar 1811