William Gifford to Edward Copleston (3/9/1811)

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William Gifford to Edward Copleston
Mar. 9, 1811
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Devon 1149M/F84. 3pp. Date at top: March 9, 1811


March 9. 1811

James St.


My dear Sir,

I take shame to myself for not noticing that part of a former letter which related to your friend Mr Vaux; but it was really a lapse of memory; for I meant to have accepted his assistance with thanks. For a first Article, would it not be proper to leave the choice to himself? If so, I will immediately transmit any work on which he may fix. I shall be very happy to hear of his entering our ranks.1

I have to thank you for the mention of Lord Charlemont for my unknown correspondent.2 His last Article3 convinces me that any subject of this nature, is perfectly safe in his hands, and I shall, if he will accept of that which you mention, confide it to him with equal security & pleasure. I hold him to be a most valuable ally.

I purpose to send you De Motu4 when it is set up, & you will then judge if any part of it appear [?minute] or less important than the subject requires. It seems to me a very excellent piece of criticism. Whitaker is a good friend of ours, & I really owe him some thanks for his Review of the man with "the leaden mace,"5 who, by the way, is my next door neighbour:—if, therefore, upon a view of the whole any word can be softened, (which I do not know) it may be done.—

I have a letter from Heber this morning—He is still, "like honest Ovid, among the goats", but not forgetful of us.6 He expresses a wish to see something in the hands of Mr Vaux.—I have sent to Murray to say that if the proof can be got ready this post, to send it off at once, to you. Ever, my

dear Sir, very sincerely yours

Wm. Gifford.


Address: for The Revd. E. Copleston / Oriel Coll./ Oxon