William Gifford to Edward Copleston (9/19/1811)

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William Gifford to Edward Copleston
Sep. 19, 1811
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Devon 1149M/F98. 3pp. Date at top: Sept. 19, 1811


James St

Septr 19th. 1811

My dear Sir,

You will, I know, excuse my troubling you on this occasion—On Monday, I sent a part of Charlemont to Mr Budd's,1 as you directed, &, on the two following days, the remainder.—No inquiry has been made for the letters; and, as we are absolutely at a stand, at the 120th page, I am in considerable alarm about the time of our appearance.

Will you, then, have the goodness to write a line without delay to your friend, & say that the proofs wait for him at the appointed place. You may, and, I hope will be, too late; but I am anxious to take every precaution—

Heber called on me yesterday in his flight to Shropshire, in good health but somewhat dejected by the death of poor Raine, whom, at his leaving town a short time before, he had seen in the full expectation of recovering his former health.2

I hope you will be able to let us have Ensor,3 or whatever you have in view, before the end of November; as we must be out before the holydays commence, & the men take to the porter house.

Aliter non fit, Avite, liber.4 Davison has been ill, and, I fear very ill: he has sent his article,5 which I was obliged to give the printers immediately to keep them in employ. If any alterations are made they must be made in the proofs:—but I know not that they will be wanted.

I wish you could see your friend's article in print.6 You would be quite charmed with it. It makes just 23 pages.

Ever, my dear Sir, most faithfully yours.

Wm. Gifford


Address: To the Revd. Edward Copleston / Exeter

Postmark: 19 Sept. 1811