William Gifford to William Hone (10/26/1821)

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William Gifford to William Hone
Oct. 26, 1821
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Murray MS.1


[William Gifford to William Hone, 26 October 1821, copy in WG's hand]2




The mocker of his God,

The rude scourger of his Saviour,

The buffoon parodist of Holy Writ,

The obscene caricaturist of his Prince and

The cold-blooded, heartless, malicious infidel who labours day and night to rob the sick of the consolations of religion, and the dying of the hopes of immortality, inquires what writer in the 50th Number of the Quarterly Review denied the soundness of his head, and the integrity of his heart!

The reply is, briefly and boldly,

Every One of Them.