Notes - Correspondence Archive

1. #134. Shine: Dudley. The "unknown friend" is John William Ward, Lord Dudley (1781-1833), English Tory politician, close friend of Edward Copleston. Gifford initially declined this article from Ward because George Ellis had claimed the subject, but after Ellis withdrew his claim Gifford gladly accepted Dudley's contribution (BL MS. 28,099 ff.89-90). George Ellis (1753-1815), English diplomat. M.P. for Seaford. Co-founded the Anti-Jacobin with George Canning and John Hookham Frere; it was edited by William Gifford. A close friend of Walter Scott and Richard Heber.

2. John Ireland (1761-1842), Church of England Clergyman, William Gifford's closest friend. Richard Heber (1773-1833), friend of George Canning and Walter Scott, half-brother to Reginald Heber.


4. Probably #133 or possibly #120.

5. 13 October.

6. This is the letter "f" struck through.

7. Gifford was an official of the national lottery.