Notes - Correspondence Archive

1. Richard Heber (1773-1833). John Penrose (1778-1859). The subject of Penrose's rejected article has not been established. Penrose finally appeared in the journal with article #218. John Kidd (1775-1851). For the circumstances alluded to concerning Kidd, see the note at #38.

2. Probably Cyril Jackson (1746-1819), Dean of Christ Church, who retired as Dean in 1809. Candidates for the "two gentlemen" include John Marriott (1780-1825), George Frederick Nott (1767-1841), and John Josias Conybeare (1779-1824). John Murray lists all three men in his 1808 notebook as potential contributors to the Quarterly Review. Nott, a Church of England divine, was educated at Christ Church, Oxford. Edward Copleston and Henry Phillpotts examined Marriott, an Evangelical Church of England clergyman, for the ministry. He was an intimate of Walter Scott, who addressed the Second Canto of Marmion to him. Conybeare, Professor of Anglo-Saxon at Christ Church, had his first contribution to the Quarterly Review rejected by Murray in circumstances that almost led to William Gifford's resignation as editor. See the note to #38.

3. Copleston, Advice to a Young Reviewer, with a Specimen of the Art (1807).

4. "Mr. C" is John Josias Conybeare (1779-1824). See the note at #38.

5. "I could find in my heart to ask your pardon." (Sir Philip Sidney)

6. Midsummer Night's Dream, Act 4, scene 1.

I had rather have a handful or two of dried peas. But, I pray you, let none of your people stir me: I have an exposition of sleep come upon me.