Notes - Correspondence Archive

1. John Hoppner (1758-1810). John Ireland (1761-1842).

2. Virgil, Georgicon IV

3. From Stagira, city in ancient Macedonia. A native or resident of Stagira. Aristotle's birthplace.

In one rich soul
Plato the Stagyrite, and Tully joined.
Thomson: Summer
And rules as strict his laboured work confine
As if the Stagirite o'erlooked each line.
Pope: Essay on Criticism.

4. #113. * John Davison.

5. Henry Home Drummond (1763?-1867).

6. Peter Mere Latham (1789-1875). Richard Heber (1773-1833).

7. #81. Sidney refers to Sydney Smith (1771-1845), co-founder of the Edinburgh Review.

8. Charles Cecil Cope Jenkinson (1784-1851), Undersecretary for War.

9. Thomas Dunham Whitaker (1759-1821). Perhaps William Crowe (1745-1829).
"Kiss the Rod (To). To submit to punishment or misfortune meekly and without murmuring." Dictionary of Phrase and Fable. Two Gentlemen of Verona, Act I, scene 1.