Gifford to Edward Copleston 3-11-1811 notes

1. #133.

2. Two Gentlemen of Verona, Act 4, scene 4.

3. Much Ado about Nothing, Act 3, scene 5.


What would you with me, honest neighbour?
. . .


Goodman Verges, sir, speaks a little off the matter: an old man, sir, and his wits are not so blunt as, God help, I would desire they were; but, in faith, honest as the skin between his brows.
. . .

A good old man, sir; he will be talking; as they say, "When the age is in the wit is out."

4. Edinburgh Review #534 was, according to the Wellesley Index, definitely written by James Mill. Wellesley cites "Brougham, Life, I, 264-265, which discusses editorial revisions of this art. by Jeffrey and Dr. Ferriar."   The "Quarterly" here refers to the Edinburgh Review as a quarterly journal. The Manchester doctor is John Ferriar (1761-1815), later a reviewer for the Quarterly Review (see #195).