Notes - Correspondence Archive

1. For #133, by Copleston, and for #134, by Dudley. All contributors, regardless of station, received payment, a practice copied from Francis Jeffrey's policy. 

2. Dudley's next is #161.

3. #134.

4. #133.

5. #133 was therefore Copleston's first article.

6. #137, by Robert Grant (1780-1838), later governor of Bombay. Grant had earlier written articles on India for the Edinburgh Review. John Shore, Lord Teignmouth (1751-1834), former Governor General of India, was a close friend of Grant's father, Charles Grant, the powerful chairman of the East India Company All of these men were avowed evangelical Christians and members of the parliamentary pressure group known popularly as the Saints.

7. Richard Heber (1773-1833), friend of George Canning and Walter Scott, half-brother to Reginald Heber.