Notes - Correspondence Archive

1. #161. Budd is the printer. James Caulfield, 4th Viscount, 1st Earl Charlemont (1728-1799), Irish statesman. Francis Hardy, Memoirs of the Political and Private Life of James Caulfield, Earl of Charlemont. London: T. Cadell and W. Davies, 1810, reviewed in #161 by John William Ward, Lord Dudley.

2. Richard Heber (1773-1833), friend of George Canning and Walter Scott, half-brother to Reginald Heber. His family seat was Hodnet Hall, Shropshire. Matthew Raine (1760-1811), graduate of Trinity College, Cambridge, headmaster of Charterhouse School. He was a friend of William Beloe, Samuel Parr, and Richard Porson.

3. George Ensor (1769-1843), anti-Malthusian, pro-Irish political writer, known to Jeremy Bentham. He was a graduate of Trinity College, Dublin. On National Education. London: Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1811, reviewed in #173, by Copleston.

4. Martial, Epigrams I. 16, but Gifford is perhaps quoting from Tom Jones Book XI i.

5. #163, reviewed by John Davison (1777-1834), later prebendary of Worcester.

6. #161.