John Murray to Leigh Hunt (3/13/1809)

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John Murray to Leigh Hunt
Mar. 13, 1809
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British Library Add. 38523 f.81

John Murray to Leigh Hunt

13 March 1809



Dear Sir

Nothing is more contrary to my plan than to intrude a repetition of my desire to obtain any particular article for my Review; but, really, the respect which I entertain for your talents in Dramatic Criticism induces me again to ask, if it would be agreeable to you to favour me with a general review of the state of the Drama. If I am rightly informed, it is proposed to give a most brilliant article upon this subject, written by the Editor himself, in the next number of the Edinburgh Review, and it is offering you the best testimony of my sincerity & my esteem for your genius, that I wish to place it in a competition which will be worthy of its exertion and which will I am confident operate to your honourable advantage - I can not wait until a succeeding number, because the novelty will then be over, the competition out of the question and both the subject and the least similarity in the mode of treating it, will have lost their zest & be, by some, considered as a imitation.

I am aware that any compensation which I can offer you will not be considered deserving of your attention & I shall only mention that no article whatever is admitted into the Quarterly Review without being paid for at the rate of Ten Guineas a sheet.

I have only to add that I am

Dear Sir

Much your admirer and friend

Jn. Murray