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With one exception, the links on this page are to offsite transcriptions of books key to a history of the Quarterly Review (such as Samuel Smiles's biography of John Murray) or to transcriptions of Quarterly Review articles. Additional transcriptions of Quarterly Review articles will be published in the Quarterly Review Archive in the near future.


Review of The Physiognomical System of Doctors Gall and Spurzheim, in Quarterly Review 15.25 (April 1815): 159-78. [article #339] Link to John van Whye's excellent page on nineteenth-century phrenology, offsite
[Croker, John Wilson]. Review of Sydney Owen, Lady Morgan's France in Quarterly Review 17.33 (April 1817): 260-86. [article #430] Link to the Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan page, offsite
[Croker, John Wilson]. Review of Shelley's Frankenstein in Quarterly Review 18.36 (January 1818): 259-308. [article #458] Link to the Romantic Circles' Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Chronology & Resource page
[Croker, John Wilson]. Review of Keats's Endymion in Quarterly Review 19.37 (April 1818): 204-8. [article #473] Link to the Romantic Audience Project page, offsite
[Croker, John Wilson]. Review of Galt's Annals of the Parish in the Quarterly Review 25.49 (April 1821): 147-53. [article #583] Link to an offsite transcription of this review, unfortunately rendered as an image, not as OCR searchable text.
[Coleridge, John Taylor]. Review of Hemans's Restoration of the Works of Art to Italy, etc. in Quarterly Review 24.47 (October 1820): 130-39. [article #562] Link to an onsite transcription of this review
[Croker, John Wilson]. Review of Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan's Italy in Quarterly Review 25.50 (July 1821): 529-34. [article #598] Link to the Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan page, offsite
Hazlitt, William. Essay on William Gifford in The Spirit of the Age: or, Contemporary Portraits. London: Henry Colburn, 1825. Link to a William Hazlitt page, offsite. It is not clear from which edition this electronic transcription was made.
Lockhart, John Gibson. Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Scott, Bart. Link to the Arthur's Classic Novels page, offsite. Note: it is not clear from which edition this electronic transcript was made. It appears to be post-1852.
Smiles, Samuel. A Publisher and His Friends: Memoir and Correspondence of the Late John Murray, with an Account of the Origin and Progress of the House 1768-1843. London: John Murray, 1891. Link to the page, offsite. The Project Gutenberg site also provides access to a downloadable version of the book.
Grierson, Sir Herbert ed. The Letters of Sir Walter Scott in twelve volumes Link to the Walter Scott Digital Archive, 'an Edinburgh University Library online resource created in the Special Collections Division.' Prepared by Professor Takero Sato, the edition is in PDF format.
Millgate Union Catalogue of Walter Scott Correspondence Link to the National Library of Scotland website. The catalogue was compiled by Professor Jane Millgate