Primary Sources

Primary Sources for Quarterly Review Attributions

Main Collections of Documents Consulted

In preparing the Quarterly Review Archive, the editor consulted the documents listed in the following table. Please see the Acknowledgements page for additional information about the research effort that this Website represents.

John Murray
Voluminous collection of John Backhouse, James Ballantyne, Eaton S. Barrett, John Barrow, Edward Berens, William Blackwood, James Bland, Charles Blomfield, John J. Blunt, Thomas Bowdler, Thomas Browne, Thomas Cadell, Thomas Campbell, Stratford Canning, Richard Chenevix, Francis Cohen, John Taylor Coleridge, John J. Conybeare, Robert Cooke, Edward Copleston, John Wilson Croker, John S. Dallas, John Davison, Isaac D'Israeli, Donald Douglas, George D'Oyly, Nathan Drake, Joseph Duncan, Richard Duppa, George Ellis, Peter Elmsley, William Erskine, Lord Essex, Thomas Falconer, James Forbes, Ugo Foscolo, John Hookham Frere, William Gifford, George Gray, Octavius Gilchrist, George Glieg, Richard Gooch, Olinthus Gregory, Henry H. Hallam, Alexander Hamilton, William Hamilton, George Hammond, Robert Hay, William Haygarth, Reginald Heber, Richard Heber, John Heriot, Thomas Hill, William Hodgson, John Hoppner, William Huskisson, John Impey, John Ireland, William Jerdan, John Kidd, Charles Lamb, Lempreire, James Loch, John Lockhart, John Lodge, Lord Lonsdale, John Loudon, William Rowe Lyall, Thomas R. Malthus, John Manners, Herbert Marsh, William Matthews, Charles R. Maturin, John Herman Merivale, John Van Mildert, William Miller, Henry Milman, Thomas Mitchell, Henry Mitford, Thomas Monk, Annie Murray, John Murray, William M. Napier, Francis Palgrave, Joseph Parker, William Penrose, John Phillpotts, John Pillans, John Planta, William Procter, David Ricardo, John Richardson, John Rickman, Barre Charles Roberts, Henry Salt, John Sandford, Walter Scott, Nassau Senior, James Stephen, John Shedden, William Sotheby, Robert Southey, George Staunton, John Stoddart, John Bird Sumner, John Symmons, Henry Thornton, Sharon Turner, David Uwins, John Upham, John Valpy, John Wardrop, Robert Walpole, Richard Wellesley, William Whatley, Thomas Dunham Whitaker, William Whittington, Robert Wilmot-Horton, Lord Woodhouselee, Thomas Young. Also documents, including Bills Payable Ledger, Cash Day Books, letter books, Book Loans register, JM III's notes, JM II's 1808 planning notes, article proofs, JM II's marked run of the Quarterly Review, the so-called 'Murray Register'.
Bodleian Library Mainly Southey-Bedford, J.T.Coleridge, and Keble correspondence; also Robert Grant, Richard Heber, Reginald Heber, H. Taylor, Douce, G. Grey, Copleston, Thomas Arnold, Patteson, Gaisford, Twiss, Ward, Hay, Davison, Bland-Burgess, Wilberforce
British Library Mainly Gifford, Ellis, Southey, and J.T. Coleridge correspondence; also Adolphus, Babbage, Barrow, Bliss, Blomfield, Boase, Brougham, Butler, Byron, Cadell, Canning, Cartwright, Clare, E.D. Clarke, S.T. Coleridge, Croker, Davison, Edward Clarke, Elmsley, Falconer, J.H. Frere, Gilchrist, Glenbervie, Grenville, Hazlitt, Hayter, Hobhouse, Huskisson, Ivory, Liverpool, Loudon, Merivale, James Mill, Thomas Moore, Murray, Napier, Arthur Paget, Parr, Phillpots, Price, Rickman, Roscoe, W.S.Rose, Scott, Scott-Waring, Sharon Turner, Shelley, Sotheby, Staunton, Vansittart, Whately, Christopher Wordsworth, William Wordsworth
Cambridge University Library Bound volumes of Croker's Quarterly Review articles; Monk correspondence
Christ Church Copleston
Clements Library, Ann Arbor Canning, Croker, Murray
Derbyshire Record Office Wilmot Horton correspondence
Devon Record Office Gifford-Copleston-Dudley
Dudley Archives Dudley-Copleston correspondence
Harewood collection,
Leeds Archives,
Sheepscar branch
Mainly Gifford and Canning; also, Liverpool, John Miller, James Stephen, Zachary Macaulay, Southey, Ellis, Richard Heber
Houghton, Harvard Canning
Howe Society,
University of Florida
India Office, London Robert Grant
Iowa University Croker, Murray
John Rylands, Manchester Heber
Keble College, Oxford J.T. Coleridge, John Davison, Keble
National Library of Scotland Mainly Scott correspondence; also, Gifford, Southey, Lockhart, Gilchrist, Erskine, Morritt, Canning, Croker, W.S. Rose, Murray, Ballantyne, Dudley, Glassford, Gleig, Hay, Richard and Reginald Heber, Wilmot-Horton, Lundie, Lyall, MacCulloch, Malcolm, Blackwood, Maturin, Milman, Mitchell, Mitford, Salt, Sumner, Pillans, Penrose, Teignmouth
National Library of Wales Copleston, Dudley, Ellis, Grant, Heber
National Maritime Museum, Greenwich Barrow letter books
Oriel College, Oxford Copleston, Keble
Public Record Office, Kew PRO / J. 76 / 7 / 1 ff. 1-58
Royal Society, London Thomas Young
Wellcome Library, London Gifford
Westminster School, London Monk


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