Article 4 notes


*Many situations in these new countries have been found unwholesome, but an examination of the neighbourhood has commonly traced the circumstances to some local and removable cause: and it is evident that the general healthiness of the climate will improve, in proportion as the forests are felled, and the morasses drained.



*Our chief authorities for the facts here mentioned are Carver's Travels—Voyage dans la Haute Pensylvanie, Vol. I. p. 30, and III, ch. 8.—Papers that have been read in the American Philosophical Societies—and Ashe's Travels, passim.—The last is certainly a book that comes in rather a questionable shape; the man is pretty clearly an adventurer, who has travelled the country he describes, and with more powers of observation than Gass, but has spoiled a good book by engrafting incredible stories on authentic facts. We have had recourse to him with caution, and only when he was confirmed by the other accounts.



*V. Voyage dans la Haute Pens. III. p. 188.



*How cold it sometimes is in the inland country on the North bend of the Missouri, will appear from the fact Mr. G. mentions, that ' on the 10th Dec. proof-spirits froze into hard ice in fifteen minutes.' We strongly suspect, however, that the spirit had been diluted.




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