Article 14 notes


*Du Paty observes, in his Travels, Letter CV, 'Caraccioli, the present viceroy, did every thing he was able to annex the remains of the baron's power to the king's authority.'



*We extract from an account before us, the sentence on Vella. 'Cum codices, nempe Martinianus, et Normannus, de quibus agitur, declarentur falii et commentitii, et ipse Rev. de Vella declaretur impostor, et detrudatur in castro E. S. beneviso quindecim annis, beneficium Divi Pancratii, pensio, aliaque ejus bona fisco adjudicentur, deductis alimentia unciarum 36 annualium, donec quantum regii æris insumptum restauretur.'



*Yet this work, suspicious as it is, has supplied all the materials for that arrogant and outrageous abuse of the Sicilian government, in which certain writers of this country have, of late, so freely indulged.



*An ounce is equal to two Spanish dollar and a half.



*Steuart Pol. Econo. B. 6.



*Memoir read at the Institute, in the year 5.



*37th Bulletin. Schoenbrunn, Dec. 26, 1805



*Discorsi, Lib. III.



*French Exposé, April 9, 1806




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