Bibliographical Note

Quarterly Review
(1809) Vol. I

Bibliographical Note

Early issues of the Quarterly Review were kept in type, and reprinted with alterations over a period of several years, without listing any details of these new impressions. In the absence of a critical recension of the text, the purpose of this note is to give as many details as possible about the copy text, and the relationship to it of the etext.

Collational Formula of Copy Text

7¼" x 4½": π3A-O4P2R-GG4HH2; 478 leaves.

Idiosyncrasies of Copy Text

The Contents page starts with the contents for Issue 2 (this has been moved to the beginning of Issue 2 in the PDF file).

In Issue 1, there is no article 18—the numbering jumps from 17 to 19.

In Issue 2 , there is no article 11, but there are two article 10s.

Editorial Practice

Page numbers of the copy text are reproduced in square brackets at the end of the page to which they refer.

Spelling and punctuation have been lightly modernized.

The PDF file reproduces the copy text used.

The etext was prepared by Dr Gavin Budge, School of English, University of Central England, Birmingham, B42 2SU, UK. Scanned images were also made by Dr Budge.

This text is copyright, Romantic Periodical Project, University of Central England. Permission is granted for non-commercial use.