Chronology of the Life of John Thelwall

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December, 1803-April, 1804 Scotland Scottish tour
1804 Scotland, Kendal letter to John Nichols letter: Oxford Bodleian MSS
January, 1804 Glasgow retreats to Glasgow; cultivates connections with Anderson/Birkbeck circle writes "To Miss Grahame" writes letters (with pamphlet) to Crompton and Wordsworth; Jan 16: writes to Anderson WW Letters, Derby MS, Nat Lib Scotland letter to Anderson: Nat Lib Scotland MSS
February, 1804 Glasgow publishes letter on Gough (germ of Letter to Cline,) in MM MM, Nat Lib Scotland letter to Anderson: Nat Lib Scotland MSS
March-April, 1804 Scottish tour: Glasgow, Edinburgh, Roslin Castle, Greenock, Paisley, Loch Lomond, Ayr, Dumfries tours Scotland Mar 9: publishes Mr. Thelwall's Reply ? ; writes "The Tear: to Miss Geddes," "To Miss Bannatine" "The Lark," "Hannah's Eye" Derby MS, letters to Anderson
May, 1804 publishes letter to MM on Jeffrey affair; writes case study MM
June, 1804 Kendal returns to family for summer, probably visits Wordsworth (as invited in letter of Jan) writes "The Water Lily" at Windermere Derby MS Derby MS, Derby Local Studies
July-August, 1804 Kendal, Carlisle leaves family in Kendal and heads north via Carlisle (late Aug) publishes case studies in MM (germ of Letter to Cline); writes letter to MM; writes "Pegasus O'erladen," "A Farewell to the Dale of Kent," "The Cottage," "The First Gray Hair," "Reply to a Poem of Lord Vaux," "Age and Youth," and possibly "To Disappointment" "Battle Royal," "How to Make Negus," "The Stormy Voyage of Life" etc. Deby MS Derby MS, Derby Local Studies
December, 1804
1805 Kendal, Doncaster, Newcastle, Blackpool, Liverpool movements between autumn 1804 and spring 1805 unclear; JT seems to have toured for part of that time, while family stayed in Kendal, perhaps until autumn 1805; probably JT spent summer in Kendal and worked on volume of Poems on Nature (Derby MS); possible contact with WW probably plans Poems Chiefly Suggested by the Scenery of Nature (Derby MS, unpublished) and writes "Song of Eros," "Proem" and many other undated poems in vol I and II of Derby MS Derby MS Derby MS, Derby Local Studies
April, 1805 Doncaster, Pontefract, Newcastle, Preston lectures; announces intention to return to London but also postponement until autumn 1805; receives visit from Sara Coleridge in Preston writes letter to MM on elocution (published May), publishes Outlines with "Introductory Discourse" attached in Pontefract MM "Introductory Discourse" (Pontefract) in BL, UOregon, Yale, Philadelphia, LibCongress, Uillinois, Harvard, Uutah, Umichigan, PennState
August, 1805 notice in MM re Yorkshire & Lancashire lectures
September-October, 1805 Blackpool probably moves family to Liverpool this autumn; opens Institute there composes & delivers "The Storm Without" extempore in public room Derby MS, Rockey Derby MS, Derby Local Studies
November-December, 1805 Liverpool lectures at Lyceum, delivers poem & oration on death of Nelson writes & delivers "The Trident of Albion"; Dec: publishes "Trident of Albion" Selections ads, MM "Trident of Albion" in BL, Oxford, Harvard,UOregon, UMass, UIllinois, UUtah, UMichigan, PennState; "Trident" 1978 rpt. in Edinburgh
1806 Birmingham, London writes "The Maid of Catmose"; publishes "A Monody on the Rt.Hon Charles James Fox" Derby MS "Monody" at Dove Cottage Grasmere
January-February, 1806 Birmingham publishes Selections & Original Articles etc. (including his own "Pegasus O'erladen," "Song of Eros," "The Critical Shaver," translation of DeLille, "Vision of Ancient and Modern Manchester," "Sawney's Pocket Knife") Selections ads Selections (Birmingham) in BL, Oxford, Cornell, Yale
March-April, 1806 Bedford Place, London opens Institute Apr: announces opening of Institute in MM MM, WW bio, WW Letters, JTSP
June-August, 1806 Bedford Place, London publishes "Anacreontic" in MM
September, 1806 Bedford Place announces regular literary and elocutionary lectures
October, 1806 Bedford Place publishes "Monody on Death of Fox"; publishes "Mr Thelwall on Milton" and plan for new oral reading edition of Milton in MM MM "Monody on Fox" in BL, Newbery, LibCongress, Chicago, UIllinois, Cornell, Harvard, UOregon,
December, 1806 Bedford Place publishes on improper elision of vowels in MM MM
1807 Bedford Place lectures on defects and malformations of elocutionary organs composes & delivers "Impromptu" MM, Derby MS
January, 1807 Bedford Place announces new course of lectures on elocution in MM MM
February, 1807 Bedford Place publishes essay on Musical Properties of Engiish Syllables in MM
March, 1807
April, 1807 Bedford Place publishes "The Negro's Prayer" in MM MM
June 19, 1807 Bedford Place gives 3-hr public exhibition of his pupils
Summer, 1807 Bedford Place summer recess of Institute
August, 1807 Bedford Place publishes "Ode to Rushton" and "Particulars re Public Exhibition of Pupils" in MM MM
October 14, 1807 Bedford Place Institute reopens after recess MM
November-December, 1807 Bedford Place new course of lectures begins on 26 Nov. writes and publishes on work of Abbe de L'Epee, teaching deaf and dumb, and treatments of impediments in MM MM
1808 Bedford Place publishes plan and terms of tuition for Institute "Plan and Terms of Tuition" at Harvard
April, 1808 Bedford Place publishes on impediments in MM MM
June, 1808 Bedford Place letter to TJ Pettigrew, mentioning Drs. Lettson & Hawes letter: BL MSS (rpt. Scrivener Letters)
Summer, 1808 West Country tour: Tiverton & Taunton West country tour: lectures on politics (Bonaparte & Spanish patriots) in Tiverton & Taunton writes and delivers "Ode addressed to energies of Britain on behalf of the Spanish Patriots" Roe "Ode on Spanish Patriots" at Oxford, Harvard, UUtah, UMichigan, PennSTate
April, 1809 Bedford Place attends meeting at Crown & Anchor to raise money for Holcroft's family after his death publishes letter re 18th c rhetoric (Herries, Cockin, Steele) in MM MM
June-August, 1809 Bedford Place writes & publishes "Mr. Thelwall on Impediments and Case of Amentia" in MM MM
August-September, 1809 Bedford Place announces Historical & Oratorical Society and intention to lecture on History MM
1810 Bedford Place lectures on Poetry, History, Oratory, Milton and Shakespeare; publishes Vestibule of Eloquence (his own original poems, including odes, & books 4-5 of Hope of Albion) and Letter to Henry Cline letter to Earl of Harrowby (re son's elocution) Zimmerman letter: Sandonhall Staffordshire; Vestibule at BL, Yale, Princeton, LibCongress, UOregon, UIllinois, Harvard, UMichigan, UUtah, PennState; Letter to Cline at BL, Cambridge, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, UCLA, NYPL, Ohio Wesleyan, Chicago, Kansas Medical, Philadelphia
Autumn 1810 Bedford Place publishes on music and treatment of impediments in MM; exchange of letters with Smart re elocutionary principles in MM
1811 Bedford Place lectures on history alternate with English Classics and language; Algernon Sydney (age 16) begins to lecture on Astronomy delivers regular lectures on Milton, Scott, English Dramatic Poets, Shakespeare, Reign of James I, Principles of Oratory and Composition letter to Earl of Harrowby (re son's elocution) Crabb Robinson Memoirs, Zimmerman letter: Sandonhall Staffordshire
January-February, 1811 Bedford Place lectures on history alternate with lectures on classics, and "Genius & Rhythmus of Milton & Dryden" Zimmerman
March-April, 1811 Bedford Place lectures on Reign of James I, poetry of Scott incl. "Lady of the Lake", Milton's PL, Shakespeare and English Dramatic Poets Zimmerman
Summer, 1811 Bedford Place recites at gathering hosted by Lady Cork Rockey
October-November, 1811 Bedford Place lectures on Genius & Rhythmus of English Language, Principles of Oratory & Composition, alternating with AST's lectures on Astronomy Zimmerman
November, 1811
1812 Bedford Place lectures on the English Language; no ads between Feb and Nov; publishes regularized
January-February, 1812 Bedford Place lectures on language alternating with AST on Astronomy; Feb 27: hosts dinner party with Northmore, Frend, Dyer, Crabb Robinson Crabb Robinson Memoirs, Zimmerman
November, 1812 Bedford Place lectures on Locke alternate with AST on Astronomy Zimmerman
1813 Bedford Place, Lincoln's Inn Fields moves premises to Lincoln's Inn Fields, announces lectures on Shakespeare etc. between Jan and May but none for fall, only private instruction and weekly meetings of Historical Society beginning October Zimmerman
1814 Lincoln's Inn Fields no lectures til Feb publishes Results of Experience in the treatment of cases of defective utterance Zimmerman Results of Experience in BL, Cambridge, Oxford, Princeton, Philadelphia, UKansas medical
February-April, 1814 Lincoln's Inn Fields lectures on Elocution, Oratory, Milton and the Modern Poets Zimmerman
August, 1814
Summer-September, 1814 France visits France with Crabb Robinson (or meets him there), visits with Abbe Sicard publishes "Diary of an Excursion to France" in Courier Rockey
October-December, 1814 Lincoln's Inn Fields lectures on poetry and the stage
1815 Lincoln's Inn Fields publishes miscellaneous poems in MM
February, 1815 Lincoln's Inn Fields Crabb Robinson visits, reports that Susan looks ill, they discuss Wordsworth (accusation of plagiarism); lectures on the Service of the Church of England continues work on Hope of Albion and annotates WW's Excursion; begins lectures on service of Church of England Crabb Robinson memoirs; Zimmerman
June, 1815 Lincoln's Inn Fields June 30: Crabb Robinson visits, JT depressed re victory at Waterloo and restoration of Bourbons Crabb Robinson memoirs
July, 1815 Lincoln's Inn Fields July 4: exhibition of students at Institute for visiting Abbe Sicard Crabb Robinson memoirs, Rockey
December, 1815 Lincoln's Inn Fields Dec. 27: exhibition of students including performance of "Comus" by stutterers Crabb Robinson memoirs
1816 Lincoln's Inn Fields Susan's illness worsens; she dies in autumn; ads for Institute diminish, no lectures announced; Jan: Algernon Sydney admitted to Bar probably writes "paphiades" and "anacreontics," Pandolia fragments included in Derby MS Zimmerman
May, 1816 Lincoln's Inn Fields possibly writes meditative blank-verse elegy "Tis past--my sum of sorrows is complete" (transcribed by AST) AST "Thoughts in Affliction"
July, 1816 Lincoln's Inn Fields begins to serve as "agent" for Cecil Boyle (writing to theatre managers), whose performances are reviewed by Hazlitt; sends select stanzas of anacreontics and paphiades to "Laura" probably writes "paphiades" and "anacreontics" later published in Champion and included in Derby MS July 18: letter to Elliston seeking parts for "Miss Boyle (or as we shall call her, Miss Wentworth)" letter: Harvard MSS
Autumn 1816 Lincoln's Inn Fields death of Susan Thelwall possibly submits tragedy to Drury Lane Crabb Robinson memoirs, Rockey
1817 Lincoln's Inn Fields
March, 1817 Lincoln's Inn Fields lectures on Milton and Shakespeare recommence (til May) Zimmerman
May, 1817 Lincoln's Inn Fields May 11: christening of Thelwall children (Algernon Sydney, John Hampden, Manon Roland, Sara Maria, Edwin Northumbrian); May 15: marriage to Cecil Boyle; May 27: Crabb Robinson visits, reports Cecil looks poorly, "an invalid" and retiring marriage and christening records
June-September, 1817 Ireland: Dublin (til July 18), Limerick, Cork, Clonmel, Waterford, Belfast (Sept) Irish tour: lectures on Shakespeare (incl Kean in Richard III), reviewed in Dublin papers Dublin newspapers
October-November, 1817 Lincoln's Inn Fields lectures on elocution, shakespeare and drama; delivers "Monody on Death of the Princess Charlotte" writes "Monody on Death of Princess Charlotte"; by this time has written a version of Shakespeare's history plays Nov 18: letter to Henry Harris (Covent Garden) about Edmund Kean and Thelwall's own version of Shakespeare's history plays letter: BL MSS (rpt. Scrivener Letters)
1818 Lincoln's Inn Fields, continent no lectures or ads until Oct; Aug-Sept: is in France and possibly elsewhere on continent with Cecil, Manon and Sara; Algernon Sydney graduates BA Cambridge does caricature line drawings in Stanger collection drawings: Jerwood/Dove Cottage Grasmere
July-August, 1818 departs for France early August, lectures in Paris and Brussels/Hague letter to M.Maury Duval, Depot Bibliographique, Paris re plan for Mr. & Mrs. T and daughters (Manon and Sara) to visit & lecture tour letter: Wellcome Institute London
October, 1818 returns from continent
December, 1818 Lincoln's Inn Fields purchases Champion newspaper (Dec 3); announces new lectures on poetry, drama and philosophy of history
1819 Lincoln's Inn Fields lectures three days a week on Poetry & Drama (Mondays), Politics & History (Wednesdays), Elocution & Oratory (Friday); Algernon Sydney ordained and goes to Amsterdam as missionary to Jews (until 1826) writes and publishes The Champion, including essays, reviews and poetry; possibly 'Daphnis; a pastoral' in MM letter to Swainson Champion at BL Colindale, Oxford; letter: Linnean Soc. London MSS
1820 Lincoln's Inn Fields supports Cato St. conspirators in Champion; July: meets Cartwright in Warwick writes and publishes The Champion letters to Place and Hobhouse re politics Scrivener, Seditious Allegories
January, 1820 Lincoln's Inn Fields letters to Place & Hobhouse re election letters: BL MSS
Early 1820 Lincoln's Inn Fields indictment for seditious libel instigated against JT and Champion by Constitutional Assn writes "On the approach of Spring" Derby MS Derby MS, Derby Local Studies
May, 1821 arrested and jailed overnight as a result of supporting Cato St. conspirators Scrivener; Scrivener, Seditious Allegories
December, 1821 North Brixton Cottage abandons Champion; sells Institute; moves to Brixton Scrivener, Seditious Allegories
1822 North Brixton Cottage publishes Poetical Recreations of the Champion; writes much new poetry; returns to Hope of Albion; does caricature drawings drawings: Jerwood/Dove Cottage Grasmere
April-May, 1822 North Brixton Cottage Apr: writes "Tranquillity"; writes occasional addresses for Drury Lane & Covent Garden (re Irish distresses) Derby MS
July, 1822 North Brixton Cottage trip to continent to visit Cecil's sister in Boulogne writes "The Falconer to his Bird on the Wing" and "Sonnet: on the suggestion of a continental Excursion" MM, Derby MS
October-November, 1822 North Brixton Cottage writes "Song. To Cecil ("I love thee love"), "Auto-Biography" to Dr Crompton and "To Kitty Brown" MM, Derby MS
1823 North Brixton Cottage John Hampden graduates BA Cambridge writes "Song. Westminster's Triumph," "To Kitty Brown--with some fruit" and "My Sixtieth Year" Derby MS
1824 North Brixton Cottage possibly writes "Alone--alone--alone upon the earth" AST "Thoughts in Affliction"
April, 1824 North Brixton Cottage begins "Shakespearian comment, recitation and oratorical declamation" at Haymarket Theatre MM
May, 1824 North Brixton Cottage submits article(s) to Westminster Review (unsuccessfully) letters to Place letters: BL MSS
November, 1824 North Brixton Cottage takes over editorship of Monthly Magazine letter to Roscoe soliciting MM contributions letter: Liverpool Record Office
December, 1824 Pall Mall East announces move to Pall Mall and intention to resume professional pursuits publishes "Sonnet on Suggestion of Continental Excursion," "I love thee love" and Epic Fragments from Hope of Albion in MM MM
February, 1825 #1 Dorset Place, Pall Mall East publishes "The Fairest and the Best," more Epic Fragments from Hope of Albion, and lengthy letter/essay on speech anatomy MM
August-September, 1805 Dorset Place, Pall Mall East publishes "A Night-Walk" and essay on mechanics institutes in MM; writes "Cleanthe" MM, Derby MS
January-June, 1826 Dorset Place, Pall Mall East publication of Panoramic Miscellany contributes majority of essays, reviews, poems etc. to Panoramic Miscellany, incl. reviews of Landon, Mary Shelley, regular columns on Italian literature; publishes "Orator Henley" in Retrospective Review
February, 1826 Dorset Place, Pall Mall East sends out prospecti for Panoramic Miscellany letter to Joseph Hunter letter: BL MSS (rpt. Scrivener Letters)
June, 1826 Dorset Place, Pall Mall East letter to Rolfe letter: Harvard MSS
August, 1826 Dorset Place, Pall Mall East writes "Sympathy: A Domestic Sketch" Derby MS
1827 Dorset Place, Pall Mall East seeks lecture gigs at London Literary and Scientific Institution probably writes Musalogia; Sept: writes "For the Album of Lady Weymouth," "The Wreath" and "The Young Aurora" letter to London Lit & Sc Institution letter: Harvard MSS
1828 Lamb's Conduit St., West Country, Cambridge, Liverpool lectures in Cambridge, Bristol & West, London Institution, Liverpool (?) May 14: letter to Traill re lectures in Liverpool letter: Nat Lib Scotland
November-December, 1828 Manchester, Bristol lectures in Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol (into Jan 1829); stays with Wimpory family on Falkner St. Manchester; Algernon Sydney marries Nov 20: letter to Daniel letter: Royal Institution MSS