John Thelwall: Recovery and Reassessments
John Thelwall in Performance: The Fairy of the Lake
(A Romantic Circles Resource edited by Judith Thompson)

About John Thelwall in Performance

  • "Origins, Contexts, Transformations: Reviving The Fairy of the Lake." By Judith Thompson. (essay)
  • "The Making of the Fairy of the Lake." By Brooke Fifield (multi-part video documentary)

Navigating the documentary

  • "The Fairy, the Art and the Act": Interview with Dr. Judith Thompson
  • "Making it Happen": Interview with Dr. Roberta Barker
  • "This Play Has Never Been Performed Before": Breathing Life into The Fairy of the Lake
  • Liberating a Long-Buried Voice: Working with the Text
  • Swan-Drawn Chariots and the Misty Realms of Niflheim: Tackling the Stage Directions and Set Design
  • "Theatre that Uses the Whole Animal": Working with Zuppa Theatre Company
  • "Six Part Harmonies": The Musical World of The Fairy of the Lake
  • Red and Blue, and Fur all Over: Outfitting the The Fairy of the Lake

"The Fairy Takes the Stage." By Brooke Fifield

  • Performance (video
  • cast and crew credits
  • reviews

Text of The Fairy of the Lake from the Camelot Project at U Rochester


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