The Fairy Takes the Stage


The Fairy takes the Stage
Dalhousie Arts Centre
October 14-18, 2009

The Fairy of the Lake
Cast and Crew


  • Allison Basha Rowenna
  • Dana Thompson Edelthred
  • Richelle Khan Agga
  • Jessica Jerome Guenever
  • Amanda Debison Hela Chorus Core
  • Claire St. Francois Schulda Chorus Core
  • Jessica Brown Verandi Briton Chorus Core
  • Emma Lavender Virgin Drummer Invisible Spirit Fairy Messenger Chorus Core
  • Robert Murphy Tristram
  • Sebastien Labelle Arthur
  • Tyler Miedema Alwin Giant Demon of Hela
  • Jimmy Macdonald Seneschal Giant Demon of Hela
  • Christine Milburn Fairy Scout Music Core Group
  • Andrew Pelrine Vortigern/Urd Bard Music Core Group
  • Katie MacDonald Incubus Knight of Round Table Music Core Group
  • Myrthin Stagg Incubus Knight of Round Table Music Core Group
  • Matt Peach Incubus Knight of Round Table Music Core Group
  • Dana Carly Andrews Incubus Knight of Round Table Music Core Group
  • Stephanie Barone Lady of the Lake Music Core Group
  • Daniel Oulton Brazen Trumpet Blower

Creative Team

  • Alex McLean Ben Stone Sue Leblanc-Crawford Directors
  • Jeremy Powell Lighting Designer
  • Cody Hatt Sound Designer
  • David Christensen Jason MacIsaac Music Composer
  • Masaki Schuette Costume Designer
  • Veronique Mackenzie Choreographer of Incubi Dance
  • Susan Stackhouse Voice and Speech Coach
  • Brooke Fifield Assistant Director Dramaturge
  • Roberta Barker Producer

Production Team

  • Taylor Dyon Stage Manager
  • Daniel Oulton Kayleigh Sheehan Assistant Stage Managers
  • Kristin Coral Sinel Construction Running Crew Chief
  • Nathaniel Bassett Scott Bell Christie McManaman Construction Crew
  • Sarah Anstead Lighting Crew Chief
  • Julie Matheson Jeremy Powell Lighting Crew
  • Taylor Andrews Props Crew Chief
  • Neil MacInnis Props Crew
  • Carly Beamish, Courtenay Crewson, Lynn Davies, Rafaela Lewis, Ben McGregor, Nicole Parsons, Ilana Solomon, Kayla Suveges, Hope Wickett, Morgan Young Cutters
  • Kelly Burke, Heather Freeman, Grace Kessel, Rachel Leal, Mazie Pierce, Jessica Sheridan Stitchers
  • Alex Burke, Mandy Dawe, Rosalie Ferris, Allison Freeburn, Cathleen Gasca, Karen LeBlanc, Cathleen McCormack, Kiah Munn, Stephanie Revoy, Sheila Smyth Dressers


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