The Making of the Fairy of the Lake


The Making of the Fairy of the Lake
Video documentary by Brooke Fifield

Navigating the documentary

The components of The Making of John Thelwall’s The Fairy of the Lake are available to watch in whichever order the viewer may choose. If new to the play and its production, however, it may be helpful to view the sections in the following order:

Begin with the section entitled, ''This Play Has Never Been Performed Before': Breathing Life into The Fairy of the Lake.' Here, the cast and crew discuss the process of building a play which has never had life on the stage.

Next, journey into the world of the text, 'Liberating a Long-Buried Voice: Working with the Text,' in which the cast and crew share their experiences with the dense and daunting script.

Once you’re accustomed to Thelwall’s language, move on to the section entitled, 'Swan-Drawn Chariots and the Misty Realms of Niflheim: Tackling the Stage Directions and Set Design.' Here, the cast and crew reflect on their approach to Thelwall’s extreme stage directions, and how the design of the set created the world of The Fairy of the Lake. And as a little treat, this section also includes a small featurette on the students who learned to stilt walk for their roles as the "Giant Demons of Frost"!

Now that you’ve been introduced to the script, check out ''Theatre that Uses the Whole Animal': Working with Zuppa Theatre Company,' in which the play’s three directors speak about their company, Zuppa Theatre Co., and how their unique approach to theatrical production became an indispensable asset to the play’s creation.

And finally, venture into the world of costume and music, under the sections entitled ''Six-Part Harmonies': The Musical World of The Fairy of the Lake' and ''Red and Blue, and Fur all Over': Outfitting The Fairy of the Lake', in which the cast and crew discuss the routes to discovering and creating the aesthetic and aural design of the production.