Hosted by the editorial collective of RC Reviews and Reception, BookChats are 1.5-hour discussions with multiple scholars on recent books of note in Romantic scholarship.

Romantic Circles: Reviews & Receptions Editors Alex Gatten and Lenora Hanson host a roundtable discussion on uprisings, online teaching, and hopes for the field and for scholarship moving forward. The roundtable took place originally on June 4, 2020, several months into the pandemic and shortly after uprisings began due to the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. The panelists are Carmen Faye Mathes (University of Regina), Rebecca Schneider (Fort Lewis College), and Anna Shajirat (Quincy University).



Kirstyn Leuner (Assistant Professor, Santa Clara University) hosts a chat with Michael Gamer (Professor, University of Pennsylvania) to discuss his new book Romanticism, Self-Canonization, and the Business of Poetry (Cambridge Studies in Romanticism, 2017). Their guests are Jeffrey N. Cox (Professor, University of Colorado Boulder), Devin Griffiths (Assistant Professor, University of Southern California), and Devoney Looser (Professor, Arizona State University). Prof. Gamer apologizes for the occasional technical difficulties, since he conducted the chat while staying in a guest house in Dorset with iffy wifi.

On Friday, 9 December 2016, Dr. James Rovira hosted a Romantic Circles Reviews & Receptions book chat in honor of the life and work of Dr. Diane Hoeveler.

Participants and their topics included:

  • Dr. Beth Lau -- Prof. of English, Cal State Long Beach: Romantic Androgyny and the Brontë project
  • Dr. Deborah Morse -- Vera W. Barkley Professor of English, College of William and Mary: her own Brontë projects with Diane.
  • Dr. Angela H Wright -- Professor of English, The University of Sheffield: The Gothic Ideology and other works.

Eric Gidal, Ossianic Unconformities: Bardic Poetry in the Industrial Age (University of Virginia Press, 2015). 240 pp. (Hdbk., $39.50; ISBN 9780813938172).

Eric Gidal, Tobias Menely, and Theresa Kelley discuss Ossianic Unconformities: Bardic Poetry in the Industrial Age (U of Virginia P, 2015); Moderated by Jesse Oak Taylor.


Evan Gottlieb, Romantic Globalism: British Literature and Modern World Order, 1750-1830 (The Ohio State University Press, 2014). 214 pp. (Hdbk., $59.95; ISBN 9780814212547 ).

Siobhan Carroll​, James Mulholland​, Miranda Burgess​, and Evan Gottlieb​ discuss Romantic Globalism: British Literature and Modern World Order, 1750-1830 (Ohio State UP, 2014); Moderated by Roger Whitson.

This marks the first ever Romantic Circles Reviews and Receptions BookChat.

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