Dorothy Wordsworth is one of the most distinctive voices of Romantic-era literature: the author of extraordinary journals, poems, narratives, letters, and natural descriptions. This edition celebrates her work as a literary guide to the English Lake District. It offers access to works from across her career, all newly edited from manuscripts, extensively annotated, and situated within their original material formats and circumstances of composition. While some selections are general favorites, others are less well-known, and a few (selections from the Rydal Journals) have never been published before.

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First Notebook of the Grasmere Journal (1800)


"Excursion on the Banks of the Ullswater" (1805)


"A Narrative Concerning George & Sarah Green" (1808)


"Excursion up Scawfell Pike" (1818)


Rydal Journals (1824-5, 1834-5)


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Originally Published Date: 1800 - 1835

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